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Artisan Jellies and Mustard


All jellies, jams, preserves and mustard are made with organic, garden-fresh herbs

and vegetables that are triple-washed and slow-cooked in small batches to preserve

freshness, flavor and color.  New flavors are added throughout the summer as different

veggies, herbs and fruit are harvested - these are the most popular items. 




Sweet and Spicy Hot Pepper Mustard:
The most popular item we make!  Organic hot peppers in a sweet, tangy, spicy mustard.  Use in potato salad, on brats, as a pretzel dip, or as a glaze for grilling meats and fish.
Spicy Moqua Preserves
This amazingly versatile Asian melon takes on the flavor of whatever is added to it.  These preserves are a cross between apricot and peach flavors with a medium kick at the end from the garden grown hot peppers.  Perfect as a simple glaze for shrimp or salmon - use as you might a sweet and sour sauce in any Asian dish.
Lemon Basil Chardonnay Jelly
This elegant jelly has a citrus and white wine flavor, making it the perfect choice for vinaigrette dressings, glaze for fish, chicken or pork, accompanying a cheese plate, or a pbj!
(Quantities limited, as this is a summer jelly.)
Ghost Pepper Jelly ('Bhut Jolokia')
The second hottest pepper on record, it clocks in at over a million Scoville units.  This jelly is fiery hot and intended for those who love hot food and like a challenge.  To tame it a bit, put a spoonful or two over cream cheese.  (Quantities limited).
Confetti Hot Pepper Jelly
A rainbow mix of hot peppers goes into every batch of
jelly. It's a mild to medium heat level and is lovely with
cream cheese or a cheese platter.  Any dish you want
to add some color and tart/spicy flavor would be ideal.
Confetti pepper jelly drizzled over fresh mozzarella.
Sweet Purple Basil Chardonnay Jelly
The rose pink color of this slightly floral, slightly cinnamon
flavored jelly comes from 'Rosie' and 'Red Rubin' purple basil.
It is unlike any jelly you've ever tasted and perfect for salads, glazes, cheese plates, and toast/biscuits.
Summertime only.