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Meadowlark Acres

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Artisan Baked Breads, Focaccia, Flatbread Crisps
Local Pick-Up/Delivery Only (Kansas City Area)
Breads and focaccia are baked fresh per customer pre-order. "Drive-By" Breadings are also available if you want to surprise someone at home or work with freshly made bread.
You can pick up your goods directly at Meadowlark Acres, 5830 West 167th (between Nall and Metcalf) in Stilwell.  or call 913.681.5004 to place your order.
Cheesy Prosciutto Olive Oil Spiral Loaf:
Full loaf:  $9
Half loaf:  $5  
Two-Tone Olive or Roasted Red Grape Focaccia:
Full sheet: $21
Half sheet: $12
Plain with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Salt:
Fluted round  $7
 Baguettes and Boules:
Plain (dusting of flour) $6
Sesame Seed (plain or wasabi) $7
Kalamata olive $8
Paper-Thin Baked Flatbread Crisps:
(all flavors are topped with evoo & sea salt)
Four oz. bag:  $4
  • spicy habanero/red chili flake
  •  sweet mesquite
  •  wasabi sesame seed
  •  evoo and sea salt only
  •  cheese (cheddar or mozz)
  •  garden herb 



 Epi Bread:
Dinner rolls - $2 each
Full epi loaf - $7 each